Protective Coating

Protective Coating

Since concrete structures are often exposed to different aggressive environments, they require high quality protection systems. Reinforced concrete structures are built to serve many generations to come. However, concrete faces many threats of natural deterioration, damage and reinforcement corrosion. that’s why you need protective coating which is known as chemical resistant coating.

Concrete Structures Have a Lot of Stress:

Depending on their location and use, concrete structures are subjected to a wide range of exposure conditions – from normal atmospheric carbonation to the aggressive influences in polluted urban and industrial environments, plus marine atmosphere and liquid or gaseous chemicals, along with influencers that can damage or attack the concrete and embedded steel reinforcement.

Two Most Common Causes of Concrete Damage and Reinforcement Corrosion:

The two most universal causes of reinforcement corrosion and concrete damage are carbonation and chloride attack. The faster carbon dioxide or chlorides penetrate the concrete, the sooner the passive layer around the reinforcement bars is destroyed and the corrosion process is initiated. Understanding the root cause of steel corrosion determines the most effective repair and protection strategy. To ensure long-lasting durability, an appropriate maintenance strategy should be followed by owners and their construction management. 

chemical resistant coating
Application of Protective Coating
Protective Coating Application
Protective Coating